Sanne Boekel 

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VISUAL ESSAY - De Moraalridder - graduation 2018 Academy Minerva

These magazines are a part of my visual essay about the paradoxes within modern  activism. In this essay I’m searching for a position to take in public space from which I can question  social structures without contributing to the way activism got inefficient. In “De Moraalridder” I’ll question my own position as an illustrator in public space. “De Opstand’’  is an essay on Albert Camus’  essay The Rebel, compared with Beuys’ social sculpture and Nietsches ideas about art as a way to interfere public space. In the magazine “Punk” I made a comparison about the way punk got inefficient and compared the irony within the punk movement to the irony within te current public debate. In “Iedere dag overal” I visualized the irony of these movements as commericalized activistic advertisement and elements in my store. This entire context has been written on the reciept, the bill of activism and the costs of engagement. 

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