Sanne Boekel 

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Actieshop De Moraalridder   - graduation 2018 Academy Minerva

In this installation of illustration I’m selling actionfigures or demonstrationdolls. “De Moraalridder”, freely translated “The moralityknight” is the tragicomical embodiment of the modern activist who’s activism can be questioned in the way it often gets insufficient. Taking a stand or making a point became the norm and somehow we got stuck in a culture of yelling. You can question yourself: If everybody’s yelling, who’s listening then? On the other hand I’m questioning designers, including myself, how we can have and intervention in public debate without contributing to the current climate, and held a plee for more action. This shop is a metaphore for public space and the visitors are the debate. The bill shows the context and costs that activism takes.  

Foto: Roos Winter

©  Sanne Boekel 2018